Hoaxes, Truths, Urban Myths and Hidden Realities


If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will undoubtedly be aware that I mostly write about crystals and crystal healing.

Today I was inspired to write about hoaxes. Earlier this month a story circulated around the internet and was reposted on Facebook by a number of different groups. In essence it advised that the signs of the zodiac had been updated by NASA. The article goes on to explain (plausibly) that:

The stars have shifted due to the wobbling effect of the Earth caused by the sun and the moon over the last two to three thousand years.

Being aware that many groups have reported massive changes to the Earth’s orbit, most notably the Inuit Elders who issued a warning to NASA about this, I read this original article with an open heart and agreed with much it said.

The article continues on to say that there are now 13 astrological signs and shifts the dates for every sign.

Unfortunately, although this story has a plausible foundation, when you start to break it apart it makes progressively less sense. The most important clue is that NASA has never had anything to do with astrology, so why would they announce new signs of the Zodiac?? Added to this many years ago when I was still in High School and studying Advanced Maths, I recall one of our teachers speaking about the reason why there was 360 degrees in a circle was related to the belief by the Babylonians that sun had a 360 degree path which in turn was the length of a year, the Babylonian Astrologers didn’t cut out an astrological sign, just so that there would be a neater Zodiac…

What this experience has reminded me, is that in our search for truth and our research, we must always remember to check and double check the facts and most importantly question everything.

You not only have a right, but you also have a responsibility to think for yourself. Humanity is shifting and waking up to a new reality where we no longer follow blindly, we however do hold within ourselves the programming to believe everything we are told, so we need to constantly remind ourselves that we have the freedom to choose whether we agree with what we read.

I often give a talk entitled “Debunking the Popular Myths About Crystals”. I originally wrote the talk as an introduction to what I cover in my crystal courses and workshops. Over time this talk has evolved to highlight some of the more popular myths perpetuated by the internet and certain authors.

Earlier this year I wrote a separate blog expanding on one of these myths, “Tektites for Protection and Grounding?” at https://violetsunblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/26/tektites-for-protection-and-grounding/ . In this article I look at what information is being disseminated and examine what is being said for what can be proved.

We live in an information age where anyone’s opinion and supposition can become fact. Anytime you do an internet search you are confronted by hundreds of websites all providing “facts”, some have pulled their information from authors who made errors in the science they have reported, others are publishing the opinion of their authors… So how does one separate fact from fiction? Many years ago when I first started by Degree, our professors set rules that we were never to refer to the internet as a valid source for research, unless it was a reputable website meaning that all of the information was sourced and referenced. Personally I also stay clear on any websites and books where the author uses slang and colloquialisms to the extreme, my thought is that if you are too lazy to write something properly, you are too lazy to have truly done your research. Finally, trust your intuition, if something doesn’t sit well with you and your feeling or experiences contradict what a book or website is telling you, trust what your intuition says.



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