Is that a crystal in your pocket or are you just happy to see me…


I have been thinking a lot about how we can use crystals in our everyday life. As a crystal healer, I doubt you would be surprised to know, that as I sit here writing this, I literally do have a crystal in my pocket, 2 in fact. What they are and why I carry them though, I will come back to.

In today’s blog I rather want to talk about crystals and your vegetable garden, so you can start thinking about planning your planting for Spring…

Let me start with showing you the “before” photo of my garden. This was the day before I planted my seedlings, this was taken on the 26th September 2015.

September 2015

The second photo was taken on the 18th November.

Nov 2015


In less than 2 months I had a daily harvest of beans (yup these are from my garden) and spinach. Now I am willing to bet you are asking how one makes one’s garden grow like this, and I am happy to share my secret – Jade and Moonstone!

There is a very simple ritual to this. Bury 4 pieces of Jade along the perimeter or, in my case, in the corners of your garden bed.  I used tumbled stones[1] like this one:


Jade being a green stone already has an affinity for nature, but its particular power includes healing. In your garden it will improve the health of your plants, and, if it is placed in the garden bed before you plant, it will encourage growth.

The next part was intuitive.  On full moon (28th September), I planted a Moonstone in the centre of the garden bed, whilst imaging how my garden would thrive. Moonstone, as its name suggests, has an affinity for the moon, the symbol of the Goddess / Gaia or Mother Earth.

Again I used a tumble stone like these below…


Unlike for other uses, when you are using crystals for gardening there is no need to cleanse them. The earth is cleansing them whilst they do what they are meant to do, heal and energize. Most crystal books don’t mention the gardening uses of these two crystals or the other important gardening crystal, Malachite, but the results speak for themselves. Try it out and see what they do for your garden..

Now back to what crystals I have in my pockets.  Well today it’s a clear Quartz and a Bloodstone[2]. Quartz I am using to help increase my metabolism, the Bloodstone (Heliotrope) to energize, as it has long been prized as a health – giving talisman. Together the two stones improve stamina and give one a sense of well-being, or at least that has been my experience…

I am running Beginner’s Crystal Workshops to teach about crystal basics. I will cover what they are and what they do. I will also show you how to connect to your crystals before we cover my list of “must-have crystals” for your home.  This will effectively give you a list of what crystals should be in your Crystal “First Aid” Kit. The next course will be held from 9am to 3pm on Saturday 31st July @ Enchanted Earth Healing in Waterfall, Durban.

For the schedule of upcoming courses, check out my website at:



[1] Tumbled stones are small pieces of rocks and minerals (usually about one centimetre to five centimetres in diameter) that have been processed in a rock tumbler to produce smooth, rounded and highly polished pebbles.

[2] Photos are below

QUARTZ                                        BLOODSTONE


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