The Love Stone


On Sunday when I delivered my Beginners Crystal Workshop, and said to my students that contrary to what is often written about it, rose quartz is not a romantic love stone, I had more than a few shocked expressions gazing back at me…

Although rose quartz is arguably the best emotional healing crystal and works to release pent up emotions so that heart chakra healing can occur, it is not a stone I would recommend for fostering romantic love. The reason being that rose quartz is strongly feminine, it is a nurturing crystal that works with encouraging you to be kind to yourself.

Romantic love crystals by nature need to bring together the yin and yang, masculine and feminine energy, so when it comes to this, one crystal stands apart as the ultimate love stone… Rhodonite. It is a manganese silicate (magenta) patterned with dark brown or black oxides. Rhodonite reflects the yin (female / dark / negative / passive) and yang (male / light / positive / active) energies, through its play of pink and black.

The deep pink to magenta colours reflect the concrete, down to earth vibration of caring for oneself, having assurance and a sense of self-worth while remaining aware of the needs of others. The black or brown veins and patterns anchor rhodonite’s energy into the sturdiness of the base chakra and through that into the earth itself. It is only when one has confidence and a sense of self-worth that stems from truly loving yourself that you can be open to romantic love in its truest sense.

Rhodonite has been referred to as a stone of gentle love, but the word gentle in itself can be deceiving, as genuine power best expresses itself through gentleness. Just as it is often said that only the truly strong can be genuinely kind and selfless. Thus, when it comes to recommending a love stone, Rhodonite really is the most powerful option.


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